2nd Brain Sessions

Relational support for getting things done

All you need to do
is show up

2nd Brain (2B) Sessions are customized, one-on-one virtual work sessions designed to support you with whatever it is you need to do. We meet in the moment, reinforce success, remove roadblocks, and move forward to build momentum—all in real time.

Two pink cartoon brains standing up holding hands, with black stick figure arms and legs. Their arms are lifted as if they are delighted and celebrating.

Silhouette of two heads in profile with contrasting brain patterns of black lines: one chaotic and tangled, the other with concentric circles. The two brain patterns are connected by a thread that resembles a sideways number 2.

for when 2 brains
are better than 1

Struggling to do The Thing? Want a sounding board for your Big New Idea? Looking for help with the small stuff? Whatever you need, we take steps to ease the way—so you can spend more of your time doing what you do best.


You already have all the pieces you need. Sometimes it just takes a bit of external support to put it all together. We've learned this the hard way. Let us help make it easier for you.

A continuous line drawing, in black, of two hands, each holding a puzzle piece, as if to put the two pieces together.


Two pink cartoon brains standing up holding hands, with black stick figure arms and legs. Their arms are lifted as if they are delighted and celebrating.

We're so excited to hear from you! Let's connect to see how we can help.

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Overheard in 2B Sessions:

“No way would I be doing this if we hadn’t scheduled this session for today”
—someone who needed some structure and accountability
“Whoa. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that earlier! Wow that’s so obvious. I really can’t believe I didn’t think of that!”
—someone who needed a second perspective
“Making it about curiosity takes away so much shame for me, and takes it from an emotional place to a logistical place, which is so much better!”
—someone who needed a bit of compassionate support

Relational support for getting things done

2B Sessions are supported work sessions—somewhat like a combination of co-working, coaching, and consulting—for getting real work done in real time.Each session is structured around three key elements: a dedicated time to start, a non-judgmental space to show up as you are, and adaptive support from an engaged partner to respond to whatever you need in the moment to take purposeful action.

Success starts with showing up.
Whether you’re practicing a project pitch or avoiding an email response, you can join your virtual 2B Session from wherever you are, be it in bed or the boardroom.
Your 2B partner will be right there with you, on-screen, in the moment. They bring their full and dedicated attention, reflective listening skills, and active engagement to help you articulate focus, summon enthusiasm, define direction—and most importantly, get started and go.

Your 2B Session is custom-tailored for your unique context.
There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to getting things done. We work together to identify needs, amplify strengths, and mitigate pain points. Your 2B partner can fill many roles depending on your objectives and the task at hand.

Here are a few examples of the many shapes a 2B Session can take:

Weekly Work SessionsProject Development
Feeling stuck or just struggling to start?Motivated to pursue your passion project?
Regular 2B Sessions provide structure and accountability, with your 2B partner there to help you stay focused, moving, and on track—and celebrate your progress as you go.As an engaged and enthusiastic sounding-board, your 2B partner is also a second pair of eyes, ears, and hands who can take notes, reflect back, and help implement your brilliant ideas.
Targeted Task SupportDeep Work Planning
Dreading that task you’ve been avoiding?Constantly bombarded by distractions?
Schedule a 2B Session to set a time to tackle your to-do. It makes the hard stuff so much more manageable when you have a kind and encouraging partner in time.With a 2B Session on your calendar, your time is your own. Reclaim your focus with structures to safeguard your capacity for deep, uninterrupted work.

Consistent throughout every session is our guiding approach of leading with curiosity and compassion to work with you—in the moment, just as you are—to ease the way to reach your goals.

examples of past work

Here is a selection of previous 2B Sessions with real-life individuals across various domains to illustrate the versatility and practicality of the relational support that 2B Sessions provides, from building businesses to folding laundry.

Research & Academia
Graduate student writing Masters thesis
PostDoc revising a manuscript for publication
Researcher practicing qualitative interview guide
PhD student formatting dissertation submission
Business & Entrepreneurship
Small business owner refining product copy
Therapist brainstorming client acquisition strategy
College coach designing course content platform
Manager drafting a letter of recommendation
Creative Arts
Novelist submitting a manuscript
Filmmaker developing a production plan
Graphic designer finalizing a logo
Personal and Miscellaneous
Job seeker writing a cover letter
Vacationer planning trip logistics and booking flights
Human being folding laundry

What will you do with 2B?

Have questions? Check out our FAQs.Or, if you'd like to send a message, please contact us here.


2B Sessions emerged from the collective struggle—and shared support—of a group of graduate students, united by the formidable task of staying motivated throughout the pandemic to write our theses and dissertations. See this Alumni Spotlight of our founder for the personal story behind 2B SessionsDespite an abundance of advice from productivity books, academic coaches, and Instagram influencers, there was no single strategy that worked for us. And, even the best ideas were hard to actually implement in the moment—which reinforced the distinctive value of real-time support.2B Sessions embodies the lessons we learned from our experiences, incorporating insights from what actually worked for us, both individually and collectively. Through shared experiences and supportive relationships, we found the social scaffolding needed to take action and achieve our goals. This foundation of relational support is what we’re excited to share more broadly.We do not pretend to offer you a silver bullet solution. Instead, we lead with a whole-hearted commitment to the process of figuring out, with you, what works for you.

You know where you need to go—and what works (and doesn't work) to get there—better than anyone. But that doesn't mean you need to do it all alone. 2B Sessions provides the value of real-time relational support, recognizing that many people work better in collaboration than in isolation.

"Sometimes the best way to work with yourself is through working with others."

Whether you're brainstorming business strategy, revising a research paper, or managing everyday logistics, having another person to bounce ideas off, offer insights, and provide support can be invaluable. Sometimes the best way to work with yourself is through working with others.

2B Sessions incorporate the following strategies, distilled from our collective experiences of what works:
accountability and structure from scheduled work sessions
planning and prioritization from clearly articulating goals
positive reinforcement and learning from sharing experiences
non-judgmental compassion from active and reflecting listening
We wish we could've known all this earlier. But, we're so grateful to know it now, moving forward.Our approach is to bring our experience of what we've learned to support your own lived experience, and to facilitate—ease the way—for you to reach your goals.

2B Sessions weaves all of the above into one personalized work session, but here are a few suggestions for how you can build your own relational support:
1. Find a friend to "support swap": Articulate your goals to each other, and trade off time being fully present, engaged, and responsive. ("support swap" term from twitter thread by @neurowonderful)2. Create a peer support group: Here is an article we wrote about our Grad Student Support Group (coming soon), but there are many types of mutual support groups for people in pursuit of goals (example: Mastermind Failure Clubs)And please - reach out to us!We're happy to help.

Contact us

Questions? Suggestions? Scheduling concerns? Whatever is on your mind, we'd love to hear from you, and we always welcome feedback.Please share a brief message about your work/interests/needs—or any other comments or queries—and we can connect at a time that works for you.


What happens in a session?
Every 2B Session starts with three main questions: what are you aiming to do, where are you now, and what do you need in order to do it? If the answers are straightforward, we get started right away. Otherwise, we take a moment to articulate focus, clarify your needs, and gather the necessary resources so that you’re prepared to take action.
Your 2B partner is your copilot, able to provide both moral support and practical assistance. Sessions tend to be a mix of active engagement and independent work, depending on your context and the task at hand. Whether initiating dedicated work time or offering hands-on support for specific tasks, we adapt to help you stay focused and productive.What tasks can I use 2B Sessions for?
Clients utilize 2B Sessions for many purposes. Past sessions have supported people in making presentations, writing a manuscript, refining brand messaging, formatting a publication, planning a trip, and even handling household chores. Each session provides the dedicated time, welcoming space, and adaptive support for to do what you need to do. For more, see example sessions listed on the Sessions page.
How is this different from coaching?
2B Sessions offer immediate, personalized support, emphasizing active engagement with a facilitative approach. Unlike coaching, our focus is taking action in real time, while addressing your specific needs, in the moment. We do not tell you what to do—we help you do what you already know.
How long is a session?
Sessions typically last an hour, but shorter or longer sessions can be arranged based on your needs and availability.
How much does it cost?
We are committed to access and adaptability, with sessions customizable to meet your needs. We offer a standard session fee of $45, with the flexibility to adjust based on additional support requests. We’re also willing to work on a sliding scale to ensure accessibility. All this will be covered in the first session (which is free!)
Who will be my 2B Partner?
After you confirm your first session, you'll receive an email introducing your 2B partner, along with more information.
Can I become a 2B Partner?
We would love that! We're working on developing a training program, and as demand grows, we'll definitely need more 2B Partners in the future. Please send us a note on our contact form, or email us directly.
Other questions or comments?
Please reach out! We'd love to hear from you.